Friday, September 9, 2011

Fitting Right In

We are dog watching for my SIL and BIL while their house gets fixed/demo'd from the fire.  So for awhile, which is fine because we want to, we have the backyard for it, and why not?  Anyway, they have a Basset Hound named Chopper.  I've not spent a lot of time around her but the more I get to know her, she's pretty funny.  Thankfully she's fitting right in with all of us and that's helpful.  It's helped that the in-laws have watched Charlie at their house over the last year or two for us while we went away.  So Charlie and Chopper know each other.

They are making friends and playing with each other and that's kind of fun to watch.  Here they are playing.  Chopper cracks me up...she gets Charlie all going and then she drops to the ground and tries to roll over him...pretty funny!  Charlie is happy to have a companion I think...and for those of you who were wondering...he's minding his manners with the lady for the most part.  He needs a few reminders now and again, but who doesn't right?  Or maybe that's just me. 
 I hope not, that would be awkward...

Chopper has found a home at night with Lee, much to his satisfaction and happiness!  See how well she's doing!  She's managed to get her own Eeyore pillow to lay her pretty little head on AND she's found someone who will toss their leg upon her as a footrest at night!
It's a beautiful thing!
Actually the above picture just cracked me up..she's got this HUGE bed to sleep on but she doesn't.  She doesn't use it at all, she sleeps on the bed.  I feel bad they bought that bed but she won't use it...must be a trick to get her to use it.

Too funny!

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  1. I just love Charlie and Chopper is beautiful. I'm glad they get along and who needs a dog bed, she has a boy bed!