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Rockin' Robin

Today we got to go to Red Robin and go out to eat for Ian's birthday today, LOVE those free meal coupon's for birthdays!! We all had a good day today. I had some goals I was going to set up but it seems that Eli is going to blow the first one right out of the water.
But here they are:
  • Go to bed earlier (this is the one Eli's blowing out of the water) so I'll revise it and say go to bed when he falls asleep for the night and not staying up until 1am. I just can't function or get things done staying up that late.
  • Eat better...been doing alright but definitely eating more portions than I should. Need to get back on track
  • Get a better exercise schedule going...and with Eli getting bigger and okay staying with Frank it will be MUCH easier for me to go

Well that's what I've come up with so far, I'm sure I'll be adding more when I accomplish those things I've already listed. The bed time one will unfortunately cut into my time on the computer talking to my friend Nikki but I think we might survive and it won't be forever...I promise Nikki! know that song is now running through my know the one...I will survive...(sadly that's the only line coming to my mind.) But you know the one...cause we are good like that, finishing each others thoughts like that.

So we got to see some wildlife in the parking lot of Red Robin today, we were all quite excited about it.

Eli is absolutely fascinated with the fans that were in the restaurant...mesmerized! He did very well again at the restaurant. It's been such a treat being able to go out and eat as a family somewhere else other than our house. And all the boys behaved so well, it really makes it nice when they do that.
Dru and you can see Dru still doesn't look on top of his game but he sure wasn't gonna be left behind on this momentous event for our house. He does love hats though...I think he'd tried on several right before we left and settled on the Seahawk one...Goofy kid! Eli wouldn't look at me, I was trying to get his attention and he wouldn't...he was intent with that fan he could see.
Frank and Ian. Ian was beside himself with excitement. He got off the school bus and already had it figured out what he was gonna eat. He was going to order pizza and a chocolate milkshake and he couldn't wait for the ice cream the waitresses bring you for your birthday. We met Frank at the restaurant and Ian called his dad to make sure his dad let the workers there know it was his birthday so they would sing to him and he would get his ice cream. He LOVED it when they sang to him, while the rest of us out there want to duck under the table when they come.


  1. Since Daylight Savings Time, everyone's sleep is messed up. Could that be part of it?

  2. It could be that too, I totally forgot about Day Light Savings time...stupid Day Light Savings!! Lee, well I don't know what he was doing...doing whatever it is that Lee does.


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