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Anyone Think I Should be Concerned?

Just a question...

Does anyone think I should worry that Eli got this way all by himself? He's a mover and a shaker! He was so funny, one minute I look over there and he's snoozing away and the next he's got himself in this position. Guess it's time to start putting the buckle on him...I hate doing that. Cause you know what happens? I do. I forget I've buckled him and I go to yank him out only to remember after I've pissed him off that I buckled him in there. But safety first right? Well that's what they tell me anyway. So, he's in the swing now sleeping. So ask me if he's buckled in... (he's not).
So not much happened today. (I say that and it doesn't make sense. If nothing happened today then what am I writing about then?) I did feel productive though, it's been awhile since I've felt that way. I did three hair cuts, and I think they all look quite handsome. Did a good job too if I don't say so myself...which I do. (patting self on back right now).
Lee is sick now, poor guy! I thought for sure he was going to sail thru this one free and such luck for him. While the rest of us, okay well not Frank but he's his own oddity, are better. Thankfully. Anyway the poor guy got sick at school so I had to go pick him up. He was sad to be leaving but was absolutely CRUSHED that he was going to miss the special event that day. A police officer was coming and speaking to the kids and they were gonna get to see a police car. I know what you are all thinking...haven't my kids seen enough cops in their lives? Or know more about them than most children do at their age? But funny enough they get equally as excited if they are in trouble, i.e. 'The Rock Throwing Incident of 2006' or more recently the 'Pill Hoppin' Burglar of 2009'. But here's the really sweet awwww moment of the day. Lee's cousin, Austin who goes to preschool with him and they are in the same class. Well Austin today made a point of stopping at our house to give Lee the stickers the Police officer gave them today. Wasn't that just the sweetest, kindest thing ever!?! He came right in and went to Lee's bed (I made Lee get right in bed when we came home from school, less cootie spreadage (made up word there)that way...well I tell myself that anyway) and gave them to Lee.
Speaking of cootie spreadage... I always compare myself to my Father in Law. He cracks me up. He's the only one I know that walks around with a Lysol can spraying things after you use them if you are sick. I love him though but he's a crack up in his own right. I'll never forget the time he took aspirin for a cough and couldn't figure out why he was still coughing. I'm still laughing about that...just like they are still laughing about me asking if it's by the airport. Everything is by the airport...I live by an airport for Pete's sakes!
Well that was quite the tangent wasn't it?
Anyway, back to Mr. Austin, he's so thoughtful and I'm so proud of him! He was totally thinking of his cousin, he's a keeper in my book. (Well all my nieces and nephews are and I'm not just saying that ) Then on top of it all that Lee was going to have to miss his swim class tonight. It was a night of many disappointments for him. And just cause I'm gonna bring this situation back around to me, cause face it REALLY is ALL about me in case you didn't already know that. I am sad cause I had a nice little play date planned for me and the boys at our house. No such luck this time around! Now I'm just going to be home on what will be a half day for Ian and no school for Lee...and the constant questioning of 'when is dad coming home?' He said we could play Mario Kart'. I LOVE you Frank! With explicit instructions from Frank to Ian to not bother his mom about the game. HA! yeah right!
So the highlight of my day, okay well one of them, was that I was able to make it to the gym to work out. It felt so good to be able to get out and do something physical. I'm getting that itch to begin getting out and about doing stuff. I just need to get Eli on board with this. Thankfully I do believe that he's getting better about being out. He's much more interactive now than before. He's really coming into his own, we still have bad days but I think more often than not we are coming around. The other highlight today was, while I was gone Lee asked for me when he wasn't feeling good and since Frank was the only one home he wasn't too impressed. No offense Frank but...there's no touch like mom's touch when you are sick. Frank just couldn't do anything right for Lee, all he heard was where's mom? Mom does this, mom does that. When's mom coming back? As weird as it sounds it warmed my baby still needs me!!!
Okay off I go!


  1. What a day! Poor Lee I hope he's feeling way better soon.

  2. He's feeling much better I think today. We'll give him one more day to really get over it and then I think he'll be good.

  3. OK this is Auntie.... Nikki told me I could read your blog :) I'm calling CPS! Seat belts in everything!....... he sure is cute though

  4. Hey Auntie! Good to see you around...And yes come visit anytime!


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