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Smow! Smow! and more Smow!

As I sit here, drinking my..well I don't know I lost track of what number glass of wine I'm on, but that's neither here or there. And for some reason I'm still holding Eli while I'm typing this, he just won't stay asleep...what gives? Today was a busy day for our family.

I have a friend that is moving her family back to Chicago for many reasons. I know why she's moving but it stinks all the same. So they were packing their moving truck today and will be heading out tomorrow at some point. The truck they had wasn't big enough for all their they might have to get another trailer. So while they were doing that I was watching her little boy who is 5 months older than Dru. They are good buds and play very nicely together, it's so nice to see your children have their own friends. I miss them VERY much, I'm pretty sure I'm repeating myself but it is what it is.

Ian went bowling today and from what I hear they ALL had a lot of fun. Ian's friends came and they all went in Frank's truck while the other dad's followed in their vehicles. Why they didn't travel together I don't know, I didn't ask. Nor do I have pictures cause Frank refused to take them...long story. Anyway, so the boys all get their own lane and the other dad's take off and bowl in their own lane, except Frank. He was with all the kids. So they are bowling and Ian's friends didn't hit one pin and Lee was the first to hit a pin. Ian scored a 31 for his game and Lee didn't do too bad either coming in at a modest 18. If it wasn't such a long wait for lanes with bumpers they would have done that but after waiting for 45 minutes, they just went for it. I am proud of Ian, he made a big point of making sure his brother Lee was included with him and his friends. Sometimes he's got his moments. Of course after Ian opened his gifts from his friends, after they got home, Lee LOST it in a big way...guess it was all too much. Eventually he calmed down, thank goodness.

Well now onto these lovely photos I've got here. I heard a rumor somewhere that it was Spring. I think it's a viscous rumor and it should be put to rest. It may have been the first day of Spring on the 20Th, but it sure isn't acting like it. So today it started smowing (this is how Dru says it, isn't that cute?)today. It had been trying off and on all day, like chunky rain. And then out of no where it got cold quick and started snowing HUGE flakes, like silver dollar size! This weather is nuts! I WANT to plant my garden but do you think it's been the right weather? NO! It's either raining a deluge or it's snowing...neither of which are conducive to planting a garden.

Well that was a tangent. This is out my front yard right after it started snowing.
It started building up fast on my car. Big flakes!
After a few hours...this is Wrong!

Here is what Spring might look like...
This is NOT what Spring looks like..or so I'm told.
This is another look down the road we live on.
This was the sky...with no sign of stopping...although when I looked last it had stopped. But with the possibility of they said. And by 'they' I mean the weather people..I think they just make stuff up sometimes, just for fun cause they get bored doing the weather.


  1. I drank the rest of the bottle! It wasn't enough cause there was STILL snow when I woke up and on top of it all later in the afternoon it TRIED to snow again!!!


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