Sunday, June 26, 2011

By Lee

So I know this is late but I wasn't going to post anything on it but I kept thinking about it. 

Walk back with me to Father's Day...the boys made some gifts for their dad at school and Lee's gift tickles my funny bone a bit.

Lee's gift is a laminated picture along with 'The Ten Best Things About My Dad'...the list is what I find cute and funny.

So here are Lee's 10 things:

#10. He rides bikes with me
#9. He tickles me
#8. He watches movies with me
#7. He makes me things
#6. He makes me laugh
#5. He is funny
#4. He tucks me in at bedtime
#3. He is slow on running ( I about died laughing)
#2. He gives me piggyback rides
And the #1 best things about my dad is.....He took me to a Seahawk game!

                         (here's the funny thing...Frank has never taken any of the boys to a game...he won't take them to a game until they are 15-16 years I want to know whose dad he went with???) 

That kid can crack me up sometimes even if he is at most times the most difficult one!

Thanks for the chuckle Lee!

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