Saturday, June 4, 2011


Does the "To Do" list ever get smaller??? Honestly! I'm in the middle of doing dishes and my sink gets clogged.  We did Drain-o, but that was a few hours ago.  Poor more thing for this guy to fix for me.  He's thrilled because now he has to take the pipes apart and well, he's not happy.  Note to self...draining taco meat in the sink apparently is NOT the way to go.  Even if I've done it several times before...what can one say...

We all kept busy today doing weeding and the likes, our lawn even got mowed thanks to Frank.  My hips still isn't up to that kind of work.  We all got a lot done today, even the boys helped out begrudgingly.  I am a bad mom though, I didn't put sun tan lotion on the kids.  Well, Dru was the one who managed to get his arms burned, no one else though.  I don't get tomorrow dont' forget to apply the lotion!!!!   Honestly, how does just one kid get burned???

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