Sunday, June 19, 2011

End of The School Year Party!!!

Pt. 1

So I had my end of the year party and I do believe it was a success!  I had such a wonderful time with my nieces and nephews! I had a blast really!

The kids are all playing...swords, light sabers, and guns...all fun and games until someone loses an eye!  Or so I'm told.

 Even Eli got in on the fun.  He had his "Weeze Weeze" there!  That's how he says his cousin's name Audrey.  He loves her and she loves him...they have eyes for no one but each other. 

Eli playing some football...that is when he's not swinging or trying to get someone to push him on the swing.
 What is it with boys and guns?
 One of my handsome nephews!  Poor kid had a bit of trauma at my house no thanks to Lee.  Who I might add is lucky to be alive.  Lee and my nephew were in our sandbox and for reasons only known to Lee he threw sand in my nephew's eyes.  I don't remember ever pulling such big pieces of sand out of anything...I was afraid that kids eyes were going to be scratched to hell!  Thankfully I saw his dad today and he said there was no problems.  WHEW! Trauma 1 averted!
 One of my other nephews...
 Dru had to get his turn with the gun too!
 Eli swinging on his swing...he loves that swing and knows it's his.  His daddy put it right at his height so he could get on it all by himself.  Heaven help you if you are on it and he wants on!
 One of my lovely nieces...this is "Weeze Weeze"...she's a hoot!
 My other lovely niece...she was very helpful during the party!  I remember when she was 2 and holding Ian as a baby! Time is flying by!
 We had pizza!! Yummy!  The pizza was devoured and Kool-Aid was drunk!  Getting some energy for our boisterous game of soccer we had after dinner!  I took a few kids down...well just mine.  I strong-armed Lee and butt-butted Ian.  Which had Ian laughing so hard he couldn't stand up, kinda funny to watch really!  Thankfully the game was a tie, so both teams won!  I had a blast playing soccer, I think I'm going to try and have more of them with my boys more often...I have a yard to use why not?
 Our humble abode for the night.  I'm quite proud of myself and my nieces.  Together we put up the tent up and it stayed up!  Yeah us!  We went to bed at a decent hour, however, at 3am the next morning it started raining...OK well sprinkling.  Either way it picked up speed and I was outta there!  I woke the kids up and put them all inside.  Certainly no sense in getting soaked when my house is a few feet away and dry! So inside we went.  The tent on the other hand is still up and got a real good Pacific Northwest testing in how dry it really does stay dry. 
Frank said the tent didn't do half bad...good to know.  Now the next job is to spray water repellent or whatever it's called on it and then pack it up for our next adventure in July.

More to come about the party.  Our treat was ice cream sundaes and sleeping arrangements...think sardines...for the tent that is!

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