Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Is it a Monkey? Is it a Plane? Is it Superman???'s just Uncle Ted stuck in a tree...sort of. 
He did eventually get himself down but he was up there because someone tossed a toy up in the tree and it got stuck.  Well he did too for a minute or two.
Poor guys arms were scratched to heck, but what's a camping trip with out a few bruises and scrapes and minor injuries...right???
I mean Ian and my nephew already proved that on my earlier posts.  It was a heck of an event just to get to camping for us...that's where our 'injuries' were sustained.  Literally as I was heading out to do my last minute errands before picking up the big boys from school, my battery was D-E-A-D!! Unbelievable!  Thankfully my BIL (brother in law) came to my rescue as Frank was on his way home and tried to jump my car.  I want to say after about 45 minutes and several tries later we finally got it started.  (secretly I am now wigged out about this and am dreading my drive to Wenatchee with this 'issue').  So the car starts and off we go, I have now left in a HUGE hurry to get the boys and I get home (I do NOT turn the car off for fear it won't start again) have the boys throw their bags in their room and run out the door.  I did not get to leave and finish packing in an orderly fashion...that just means I forgot a ton of stuff and I feel rushed.  I HATE leaving like that...sigh.

  (It's not over yet...I know you thought it was but it's not)  So because of my car I decide to caravan with my in-laws who are leaving the same day/time as I am.  I am not big on caravaning...I find it annoying.  Now don't read that's not the people I find annoying it's caravaning in general.  Anyway, I get to the in-laws and yes I've left the car running.  I get everyone out for one last potty stop and my FIL (Father in law) wants to test my battery with some gizmo-gadget thing to test if it's good or not.  To do that it meant I had to turn my car off...RISKY! A risk that didn't pay didn't start back up.  The battery was no good.  By this time I'm pretty sure my FIL is going to blow a gasket...his time of departure has been me and I'm almost sure he's not been fed recently! I wonder if he knows all his boys are like him in that respect?  Anyway,  I am glad that he checked my car however...I would have been one hot mess had I broke down with 5 children on the Pass...well either pass at this point.  So, $100+ dollars later and one new battery, we got on the road 2 hours later than any of us EVER planned.  We (my MIL and I) did eventually stop and feed my FIL and the kids...they are much more happier and complacent when fed properly.

So that was the start of my camping weekend, thankfully we had the cabin because of the rain, and we all made it in one piece there and no one had to be one hot mess!



  1. Ugh! I hate car trouble! I hope it's all fixed now

  2. It's much better now...who knows how old that battery was when we got the's a 2002 and if it's original to the car then it was a matter of time, guess I'm glad it was in my driveway.