Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A Query

Some background to my subject for this post:

Yesterday Lee was able to go to our local pool with his class and the rest of the 1st grade classes.  For an hour or so. 

Going back farther yet:

Since we all knew Lee was going to the pool I had to tell Lee to make sure to take his underwear off.  My boys have a habit of wearing their underwear with their swim trunks.  Which is normally fine cause they can just go in and put on a dry pair while at home.  However, this time around we are at the pool during school hours.  I was worried he was going to remember to bring home his towel and trunks so I wasn't going to pack a dry pair in his bag (lets face it, pretty sure that pair wouldn't stay dry anyway). So I told Lee...take underwear off when putting trunks on to go into pool, then when you are done, dry off and put them back on.

Speed up with me to the present:

It's time to go pick the boys up at the bus stop and I go to meet them.  The first thing out of that boys mouth is I lost my underwear mom!!  WHAT!?! Well mom, I went to go put my underwear on and I lost it. 

Please tell me how one loses their underwear????  I honestly don't know.  Then to top it off the next thing out of his mouth I think someone took my underwear and put it on!  GAG! GAG! GAG! *shiver just ran down my spine*  That is SO gross!  Honestly, boys are just down right disgusting!!! 

Then I was highly disturbed because my child had gone 'commando' for however long at school!!!  The old saying your mother tells you "make sure you have clean underwear on in case something happens" went through my head!  Horrified!!!

THEN to top it all off, cause my mind didn't just stop there.  I'm am afraid that Lee's teacher is going to send out a mass email to all parents informing them of the said missing underwear and wondering who the, not so white (cause yes my boys for some reason are those nasty kids who can't quite grasp the meaning of wipe until the toilet paper stays white/clean) undergarment belongs too. 

I say burn it!!!

Well there was my Proud Mommy Moment!! 


  1. ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo is all I can say!!!!!!!

  2. What!?! I thought you would have sage advice for me!! What a let down!!! :) Kidding!

  3. Weirdo's! The whole lot of em!