Monday, June 6, 2011

Happy Birthday !!!

Happy Birthday to Charlie!!! Today Charlie turned 21 years old!  In dog years of course!  Ian was SO excited! (I think he was more excited about the fact that Charlie would get a beer on his birthday...wonder how many people/kids at school heard about this today??)   For Charlie's birthday dinner he got a hot dog (doesn't seem right I know!) and Bud Light!  What more could a dog ask for in this life besides a scratch behind his ears!

He dug the beer for a few licks but it's an acquired taste right?  Well that's what I told Ian anyway, he didn't get why Charlie didn't drink it all. 

The hot dog however didn't stand a chance once it cooled off and he could actually eat it.  He kept looking at me with this unimpressed look of "how am I suppose to eat this when it's SO hot lady???" Well, he finally took off with it into Ian and Lee's room (G-R-O-S-S!) .
 I think Charlie had a great birthday...good weather, good food, and good beer (well for a few sips at least!).  Can't imagine life with out Charlie, he just fits in so well.  A dog with UCD issues and a need for love and a personality to boot...fits right in with our house!

Happy Birthday Charlie!

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