Thursday, June 2, 2011


Believe it or not there is a park at the campsite we were at!! Heaven really is a place on earth...for a bunch of boys!!!!

The boys of course had a blast and Eli LOVED it! 

Here is Dru...I'm so glad he didn't give me one of those bad cheesy grins that seem to come with 4 year olds!

Lee climbing like the monkey he is!  He actually complied with me when I asked him to get back on so I could take a picture!  Shocking I know...sit down if you need to!

My baby! he had so much fun here and camping in general.  He really does love being outside, I can't wait for the weather to get nicer (this weekend and even tomorrow!! Finally!). He's going to have SO much fun playing at his "Park"!

My dear nephew "C".  After camping that weekend I don't think I'm the cool Auntie anymore but I love him...he's also 4...between him and Dru...these two were a force to be reckoned with...good and bad!  I sorta dread the day these guys get bigger and form an alliance together...his parents and Frank and I don NOT have a chance.
 Do we dare look ahead and wonder what they will be like when they are 16? 

Are you still sitting down??? Look another picture of Lee AND it's a nice one!  Don't mind the chocolate mustache he's got going (that's from a baggie full of peanut M&M's his Grandparents provided while Frank and I were away, nice right?...Oh well out of my control that one was).
Well I think those pictures pretty much sum up our camping trip.  Usually I have so much more, I don't really know what was different this time but it was what it was. 

I am so looking forward to some nice weather tomorrow and the weekend.  I was so mad I had to turn the heat on this afternoon.  I have been miserable since yesterday.  My hip went out again...and this time it is bad.  Bad like when I was pregnant with Eli...bad that I was planning on making it a pain pill kind of day.  Then I decided to take a chance and see if my Chiro was open today...I was so sure they were closed on Thursday.  Turns out I was wrong, they aren't there on Wednesday!  God must love me!  So I got adjusted and I go back in on Monday...I am in less pain but still pretty sore...thankfully there is something called Excedrin!!

I do hope I feel much better and more flexible is really bugging me that I can't workout...I just want to walk...that's all! Is that asking for too much?? Is it??

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