Monday, June 20, 2011

Ice Cream...You Scream...We all Scream!!!!

Items of the hour!  Instead of doing Smore's like I wanted we did ice cream sundaes instead.  Each family was asked to bring a topping of their choice to share with everyone. As you can see Magic Shell was the time to have!  There was Carmel, Orange Creme, and Chocolate shell, with Carmel syrup, marshmallow topping and sprinkles!  Personally, the Orange Cream and Chocolate magic shell with sprinkles was the best, quite tasty together!Eli with his sundae!  He ate every last bite...I was kinda shocked.  There was at least 3 scoops in there! 

My nephew Colton, he really does have one of the best smiles out there! Colton cracks me up, I had to disagree and argue with him about Dru being older than he was.  He didn't believe me and then when I said when their birthdays were he asked how come Dru was older.  I had to chuckle and told him sometimes life just stinks like that.  But Colton look on the bright side of are older than Eli???

Dru put ALL toppings on his sundae and was quite thrilled to do it himself!  It's the little things.

My nephew the Dean-ster!  I knew he would bring the Marshmallow topping...he loves that stuff!  (I love how Charlie is hovering in the background).

Austin, my other nephew!  I'm so glad he came and had fun!  He is a good soccer player and has no fear of taking his Auntie out if need be!

Ian...can you tell by his face just how excited he was by this whole thing, ice cream that is.  I promise we do give him treats from time to time...I swear!  Love this boy...because really simple is so easy to please him! this girl! This chica knows how to have fun!

Lee my boy!  He just wanted to mix his all up and make ice cream soup!  *shudder!*  All those toppings made into soup...I know it all gets mixed up later but...well just looks gross.

*Not pictured...Victoria.  Somehow in the hustle and bustle of it all and her wonderful help I managed to forget to take her picture! I am SO bummed and mad at myself!  She was a wonderful help to me and I appreciate it greatly!  Thanks Victoria!

We had fun making our own sundaes...I think I would definitely do this again with whoever would come next year.  Honestly I had so much fun bonding with them!  I love you Victoria, Audrey, Ian, Lee, Austin, Dean, Dru, Colton, and Eli!


  1. Everyone is so cute, but Charlie cracks me UP!

  2. If he blends in enough no one will notice him and he just MIGHT get a morsel! Something off the ground, dropped by accident!