Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Our cramped quarters!  Even I was cramped! 

Here we have Victoria, Audrey...and you can't see Ian but he's there...his knees are poking up.  Audrey was slepping on top of Ian's feet (GAG!!!), to which the two of them profusly told me they were comfortable. I think they were fibbing.

Austin, Dru, Dean, and Austin
Poor Austin and poor the rest of us, cause Colton had some 'fluff' (yes I used fluff people!)...I was desparate for fresh air.  Between Colton and Eli...shudder! Let's not go there!  Dean cracked me up...he was the last out (outside of me) who went to bed last.  I finally got him to stop talking and then he finally crashed! Who knew!

Lee and Eli
I am NOT sleeping in the middle.  Somehow I got stuck with 2 bedhogs!  Man I'm glad we didn't sleep there all night cause someone wasn't going to make it with elbows and knees in my side!!

Well, that's the end of our Party adventure!  Sad it's over but ready for our summer adventure to begin...soon.  Day 2 of Summer vacation went much better...we had swimming, park playdate, quiet time, and then they played outside some more!  The beautiful part was they went to bed with out a fight...out like a LIGHT!


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