Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Today at school it was Field Day!!  The boys were very excited for this day, they have had a good last week of school I might add.  Anyway, back to what I was talking about.  The theme for Field Day was Survivor!  Although their theme was not Outwit...Outplay...Outlast... 

Lee's 1st grade class had a theme son however, which I thought was cool!  To give you a hing their team name was Back in Black.  Song had the same name sung by AC/DC...Lee was all giggly over that song. You think that kid had never heard a rock song before.
*side note...I can't believe how tall he's getting!
 Here is Ian, who is part of the team called 'The Brave Green Hornets (and I'm a bad mom because I can't remember the rest of his team name) something or other.

When did Ian get too big to smile???
 Here are the 2 dudes with a 'tude! 
Well there's only two more days until school is out for the summer!!


***Still unclear as to whether they will make it through the summer alive****

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