Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Mommy and Eli

Still Day 2 of camping but while the big boys were on the boat Eli and I went for a walk down the beach.  I wanted some time with him.  He is so darn cute who doesn't? 

Anyway, walk we did and I got some good pictures of him and the both of us.  Well as good a picture as you can get when you take the picture yourself.


Here is one of the two of us

Buttt I also like this one, so they both get posted!

Eli did quite a bit of playing by himself and I happen to catch him like this while we were sitting and throwing rocks.  What a lover!

Not a great picture but he asked me to take his picture.  So I did. 

We had a nice walk and had some nice time together. I was thankful for the quiet time with him, doesn't happen too often.


  1. He is adorable!!!!!!!!! Auntie can't sign in on Google. Men who have a problem with toddlers hair I think have other issues :)

  2. And just so we are's 99% men that are asking about when his hair is getting cut! had another run in today...the man couldn't keep his mouth shut. It was too much for him...took him 30 minutes but I could see it coming! That of course doesn't count yesterdays incident with another person over another photo I posted...