Friday, July 1, 2011

Grandma's Pool Party!

Well today was the pool party at Grandma's house!  And what a way we kicked off the first day of July!  Great weather and kids having some fun.  They didn't stop moving until they sat to eat and even then they  had a hard time sitting for that.

Grandma bought each kid a big squirt gun and a beach ball and hundreds of balloons to make water balloons with.  My fingers are sore from tying water balloons! 

Here the boys have their squirt guns and are locked and loaded!!

Eli loved the big beach balls Grandma got them!

Uncle Cheeson got in the act...well really the kids ganged up on him.  Grandma told the kids he was the the kids were flying high on that info!

A genuine smile from his smile!

Dru...he and Colton had so much fun together and were pretty much inseparable today.

Ian was all about having the biggest squirt gun, taking people down and getting numbers...or maybe it was asking questions later.  Either way this kid had fun...Grandma had pizza, ice cream, candy, AND donuts out to eat...  When we got home I asked who was going to eat dinner.  All replied that they were not hungry cause they had candy at Grandma's house...uh OK.  So leftover soup for me!!

Another one of Eli.  It's not that I favor the baby more...OK I do right now cause he so darn cute, but mostly he doesn't move as fast as the big kids!!  I can get pictures of him!  I just think he's so cute in his hat!

Lunch time at Grandma's!!!  Who wants pizza!?!  I think Lee shocked her...he kept eating...and eating.  He was the last one...but he ate it all.  Food wise this summer is tough...they are eating at least 2 sandwiches at lunch and I swear a box of cereal at breakfast...must be because they boycott dinner...either way they are eating me out of my house!!

Grandma's turn to tie water balloons!! They kept her busy for awhile with that, I think the only drawback was having the hose on all the time for that.  They played the whole time with the water balloons but man that was a long time to have the water going!

Grandma had a special pool just for Eli...he LOVED it!  Took him awhile to get in like he is here, but he figured out Grandma put in warm water for him.  After that, there was no going back!!
All in all it was a good day, I didn't get sunburned...too much.  No matter how much I put sunscreen on I still manage to miss a spot and such.  Go figure!

Tomorrow will be just as much fun! My parents come for a BBQ tomorrow and to check out the swing set they helped buy for the boys! I am excited..this will be the first time my mom has been out here since before her scary episode of trying to leave us!  The boys haven't seen her since all that so they are excited too.  Oma said we might have a hard time keeping Grandpa off the swing set...

Well, although I did a bunch of nothing today, I am tired and going to head out. 

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