Thursday, July 7, 2011


Last year we were invited to tailgate while waiting for the firework show.  I had never done this and it sounded like so much fun!  So we made plans for doing it again this year...I have fun hanging out with my friends and my boys have a blast hanging out with their friends.  This time there were light sabers and epic battles were waged, and in the end good won!

Dru and his friend figured out they could get on the hood of the truck, they were quite tickled with themselves! I'm bummed these 2 won't be going into Kindergarten together but it will be OK, they are good friends and play well together!

Eli had a good time too!  He found long lost snacks in the portable cooler and thought he was too school for cool that he could walk around in the bed of the truck with out someone hollering at him! It really does sound like we never get out...

Ian and his friend.  Somehow word got out that it's not cool to smile...Ian only read half the memo.  This boy cracked me up.  He wanted to go back home (not a sleepover) with his friend and stay up until midnight watching the fireworks in the neighborhood.   Sometimes this kid doesn't think anything all the way through. At some point later I would come get him...uh I think not Ian! 

The fireworks have started and Ms. Amy pulled out the goodies!  You'll notice my children have the bag and handfuls of chips.  So deprived those kids are!  This is about as much attention as my kids gave to the firework show...didn't last long!

Ha! Don't you feel sorry for them?  Nah me either!

Some shots I thought were cool of the fireworks.  I like how it's all squiggly here.

I just really like this one.

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