Thursday, July 7, 2011

Parade Fun

As I said before, the parade this year wasn't fantastic but each of my boys did see something that got them excited (outside of the candy and a few Popsicles that were being handed/thrown to the crowd).

Our excitement this year at the parade starts with Dru.  He got excited because they had an orange motorcycle!  The great thing was, this was not the only orange thing we saw.  We saw a few more orange motorcycles, and orange diesel truck, orange car...I think there was a lot of orange this year.  Orange you glad I didn't say what more orange things we saw???

Ian and Lee about jumped out of their skin they couldn't believe such a sight! Mario AND Luigi were at THEIR parade!!!  How do you top the year 2011 after that???

And Eli saw loons (that's what he calls balloons, we just go with it, so should you).  We saw loons through the whole parade! I didn't know there were so many of them at functions...I do now!
Just a few highlights from our parade that got the kids excited.

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  1. Atleast there was something for everyone! :D