Sunday, July 24, 2011

Out of Towners

Today was a wonderful day!  Today we got to visit with some wonderful and dear friends!  I wish we either lived closer to them or they us.  I enjoy being around them and they (I feel) genuinely like being around us and the boys.  They are just genuine.  I don't know it's hard to describe...I just know it's exciting when they come into town and soon it will be our turn to visit them.  I must go visit them...our friends are going to have a wee one of their own (their first and I think it's a girl!!!) and I must go visit and sniff their baby (she said I could!).

We had them over while they were in town and before I had out of town this weekend! I'm so glad we were able to.  We BBQ'd some salmon that Ian caught (he was very proud of that) and we ate the crab that was caught when we were at Dungeness a few weeks ago, and lots of wonderful side dishes!  It was really, really good! (and it's really weird to be saying how much I myself, and my children loved the salmon/crab).

This is myself and Miranda (thankfully no up the nose shots Miranda!)

The guys, Frank and Jason.  These guys went to high school together and they enjoy hanging out at the local tavern, The Mint.  Doing guy stuff and talking guy stuff.  These fellas have a date night on Wed (I think Jason didn't give Frank an option to say no...we are gone Wed...he's a bachelor!)  Miranda gets to be their driver...exciting for her ;)  However, Thank you though Miranda...I do appreciate that!

All 4 of us!  I had Ian take our picture so it's a tad fuzzy.  But we got one!  Had a wonderful time and we hope to go visit them in San Fransisco someday soon!  It really is our turn to go there...weekend road trip!!!
Until next time friends!!!


  1. Ian did good! I love this new term "Staycations". Our family has been doing that my whole life and now they name it :)

  2. Some years are that way, stacations! Still fun!