Wednesday, July 13, 2011

No Guts No Glory!

Day 2 of camping and we have gotten done eating and packing our lunches.  Well, actually I packed my whole darn cooler (which is what I understood the whole plan was) while others made their sandwiches ahead.  That would have been easier, as it was it took me a good half hour making lunch for 4 kids and 1 adult.  I think I ate...something.  Anyway, kids had a good time and so did I.  The only bummer was that I got sunburned...pretty bad.  I usually do pretty good work of staying out of the sun and doing the sunblock thing.  I did the sunblock thing this time but no staying out of the sun this time around. The last time I was that sunburned I was pregnant with Dru.  I spent a few days after that camping trip laid up in my bed, swollen and in pain, drinking what felt like tons of water.

Before lunch the Uncles took the 2 boats out with the kids.  It was quite an effort to get this done...had to take the little boat with the big boats passengers to that boat. Come back for the little boat people and then boat out to said destination, tie boats to each other and fish/crab.  They were out there for awhile doing their thing!  Yeah for Uncles!

Here Grandpa Lee, my nephew and Lee are waiting to get on the little boat...well the kids not Grandpa Lee.

I have no words other than giggles, no relations these two!

Uncle Cheeseon with Lee and my niece and nephew.

Uncle Ted and 2 of my kids and niece and nephews.  Wonder what Uncle Ted is doing?  Something fishing pole related to me.

The catch of the day!  We all watching Uncle Cheeseon doing the crab guts and breaking legs...he was taking names too if you were wondering!  HAHAHA! I crack me up!  Literally! Pun intended!

No Guts...No every sense of the word! My boys and myself all tried the crab and we all liked it.  Mind you I tried a itty bitty bites worth and my kids got enough for more than a bite, but I'm proud of them for going out of their box and trying something new.  Especially Ian...he has a hard time coming out of his box.
We were able to bring some crab home and we will be having a nice BBQ'd Salmon and corn with some crab dinner at some point soon!  Should be good!  We have discovered as a family we much prefer our salmon bbq'd and a bit on the dryer side.  We don't do slime and mushy...learn something new!

Have a good night and enjoy the rain and cool weather, it's good for us and our land!


  1. Kids seem to either LOVE fishing or don't. I do not. :D

  2. If I see a fishing pole it will be too soon! And I better get my actu together cause it's coming in August!