Friday, July 22, 2011


I had been worried about where I would find some raspberries for this year, last year my SIL had me go with her to her dad's house and pick.  This year didn't happen but I was provided with another option.  Thank you Lord! 
This was the bounty for my 'hard' work.  A friend and I met at the place at 8:30 am with children in tow (8 total) and they played while we spent 2 1/2 hours visiting and picking.  Although the raspberries are good...the fellowship with a girlfriend was the best part and much needed on my part.  To get away!  So thank you friend and here's to more seasonal picking...blackberries, apples, plums, pumpkin, zuch's...

We will be enjoying raspberry  jam, raspberry-rhubarb, and who knows what else.  The sky is the limit!  Thank you God for this bounty!


  1. I could eat my weight in rasberries~

  2. Oh I could too! However, I recently saw on my last grocery trip that they (Safeway) sells what are called Golden Raspberries...have you ever heard of them?? I wanted to open the package and try one!!!

  3. Next week is OUR "fellowship"! YEAH. I'm going picking today.

  4. I am chomping at the bit for our time together! Laughter...trying new things, pool time so we can listen to Eli, drinking (HA!). We have been LONG overdue my friend!