Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Park Pictures

Every Monday the boys and I go to a park that my moms group, MOPS, sets up for all us moms to continue to meet and keep our sanity.  This Monday however, not many people showed up.  So for about half an hour it was just me and the boys, but because the big boys were heading out with their Grandma to go school cloths shopping, I stayed.  They had fun and ran some much energy off and then 2 other moms showed up and playing with friends ensued and moms chatted.

Lee at the top of some toy thing.  He's getting better about letting me take pictures (knock on wood!).

Ian.  He's somewhere in the middle of growing up. Almost too big to play with littler people and just that much too small to be with the adults.  It's gonna be a long road.

Well here's mister cute himself!  I think he's telling me he's hungry (not sure when he's not hungry...pecks at things like  a dang bird!)
Didn't get one of Dru but we all know he's a cutie patootie...or a pill...depending on his mood and day!

The boys and I will be MIA for awhile...we will be off gallivanting the countryside with friends. Finding and soaking up the sun (go ahead break into that Sheryl Crow song...I know you want to). So I hope you all find some of your own fun and report back!

And because I found this hysterical and it may be my new motto, I'll share with you this:

"I am not all that and a bag of chips, I am the whole damn party mix!"

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