Friday, July 15, 2011

Explanation Needed

An explanation is needed...

I want to know why it is SO important to SO many people whether this baby has long hair or short hair?? 

I am sick and tired of people asking me...who gives a ...well I don't need to go there!!  Is there a reason or a rush on making him older? Is there a rush to not be a kid w/o cares? Can we let him be? Actually can we just let his momma be?

Today at VBS was crazy hair day.  Now I don't do the hair color stuff and whatever, it's not me.  But it so happens that they needed a hair cut and it was crazy hair day.  So therefore I commenced with the Paulson Salon (I just came up with that).  The big boys got their hair cuts, well more of a buzz and we went off to VBS.  There was this man, who as soon as I saw him look at Eli I knew where his brain was going, so I avoided him...make no eye contact people!!!

At the end of the night the staff at the church did a slide show...a few of the pictures had my boys in it with their latest styled cuts from the Salon. (they have an awesome hairstylest by the way...I got her number if you need it!)  As this was going on out of the corner of my eye I could see this particular man looking back and forth from Eli to the slide show.  Thirty minutes later,  I kid you not, while the kids were eating their desserts in celebration of VBS, he couldn't hold it anymore and busted out asking just why exactly Eli didn't have a hair cut too, that there were the 2 extremes and just how amusing he thought that was.  I looked at the man and just said you just couldn't keep it in could ya, had to say something didn't ya.  Apparently he didn't catch the clue and looked at my expectantly and I do what I always do when I'm intimidated (all talk and no umph behind it) and he was older than me...40ish...that's an elder right? 
Anyway, we (royal kind) had a good 'laugh' .
Disclaimer: I am well aware that by a boy/child having long hair that it seems to send an invitation to people to inform me of their unwanted opinion.  I get IT...really I do.  What I want to know is if this same invitation extends to me to ask why this particular mans daughter has turned into a prissy, know-it all 9 yr. old brat whose too good for the rest of this world? (don't get me wrong I have my own issues with my 9yr. old son...)

But as long as the invitations are being extended right?


  1. Your were a nicer person then I would have been :)

  2. People are idiots and can't keep their mouths shut!

  3. LOL he was bigger, older and taler than I...and I am NOT witty...the best I got is 'Oh yeah!" it was a step for me to look him in the face and say you just had to say something, couldn't keep it to

  4. I love this. My baby boy has long hair too, and i adore it. It seems to drive most people around me crazy. They say he looks like a girl! It gets so annoying!! I think its precious when little boys have longer hair. Plus its MY child!! Ya know? -Ashley

  5. Thank you Ashley! And I DO know! Not ready for him to look like a big boy, and that's what will happen when he gets his hair cut...