Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Fishing and Other things

This last weekend the boys and I went camping at Dungeness, near Sequim.  Unfortunately Frank was unable to join us so we went with out him and missed him terribly (it was cold...I missed my personal heater!!). We were there with Frank's parents and brothers and their families.  Thankfully it didn't rain!! Thank you Lord for that!

It was an eye opener for me this trip, the point, outside of spending time with each other, was for fishing/crabbing.  That is not my area of expertise...at all.  It dawned on me 3/4 of the way there that I was gonna have to bait hooks and do it well!  What!?!?!  I know right!  Well, it wasn't too bad and the Uncles, Grandma, and Grandpa stepped in quite a bit...mostly cause the boys didn't come near me to ask for help, mostly they went to the guys.  Stinkers!  I do have to say that between Grandma and myself we spent a lot of time undoing knots and tangles and whatever else you call those fishing line messes where you have to just cut them and start over...I think those require a 4-letter word (in my opinion).  My thoughts on that first day was if I ever saw another fishing pole it would be too soon!  I can't responsible for the 'lost' poles!

Here is Lee fishing trying to catch a crab.  I love this picture!

Dru wasn't too interested in fishing, he had cousins to play with and rocks to throw from a landslide.  He stopped and asked me to take this specific picture.  Goober!

Here is Ian and Grandpa Lee.  Grandpa is giving Ian tips on how to cast and the wrong way to cast.  Here Grandpa is showing him the wrong way to cast..duck Ian!  It was hysterical because Ian went off to practice what Grandpa showed him and as I was watching him I about died laughing!  He was casting his line and he let go of his pole at the same time...the look on his face of shock was comical! Grandma and I couldn't stop laughing it was too funny! 

Kudos to Ian for sticking with it and practicing his casting, even when the wind picked up!  He had so much fun fishing.  He really liked going out in the boat and casting his line off the boat with his Uncles...I really think the highlight for him was being with his Uncles/the guys.  Is he really already at that age?? It was pretty funny though, the Grandparents brought both their boats, the big one and the aluminum boat.  The first day Ian was not impressed with that aluminum boat...he told his Grandma that it wasn't safe for young children.  He was concerned about his little brother Eli...quirky kid!  the aluminum boat you can feel the waves and move a bit more with the water.  It was his first time out in that boat...pretty funny.  He got brave and went out again in the boat the next day and enjoyed it a bit more, wasn't so bad second time around.

We got to camp and at least one of the comments out of Eli's mouth was 'go for boat ride??' to his Grandma.  He has really taken to the boat and he really likes to go for rides.  I didn't go out on the boat this time around...the wind was blowing which makes the water choppy.  Not my thing!  Eli really was content to just throw rocks into the water all day long.  Literally that's all he did, it was pretty funny to watch him try and pick up rocks that probably weighed as much as he does.  Always talking about throwing rocks.  At least he's easily entertained!
We had a good first day.  We got the tent up with some help, I went to the store and got some food, ate and had dinner (thank you Grandpa for cooking our food).  I know they caught several crab the first day, 4 maybe? They also caught 1 shrimp...quite the haul!  Grandma and I were along for the ride and to untangle fishing poles...and feed people I think.

Either way, the sun was out and we had a good time doing something instead of sitting at home.  Thankful for that!  Missed my husband but was glad to get out. 

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  1. Casting is the fun part. AND the hard part. Go Ian!