Wednesday, August 17, 2011

35th Birthday

Happy Birthday to my husband Frank, who is 35 today (if you are reading this tonight, it's tomorrow...have I confused you yet?)! 
 Very exciting (for me, always dig those older men!) He's such a cradle robber...pffftttt!!! NOT!

Anyway, he's not a birthday celebrator, which is dificult for me and the boys but we make do.  We will have a birthday dinner and a special cake and call it a night. 

Tomorrow (Wednesday) afternoon he's going to meet up with one of his brothers and go watch the Seahawks practice...secretly I think he's excited.  But when I asked him he said no...*eye rolling* (he really is a terd sometimes).
I hope he spends some if not all of his birthday money on something he really wants...smoker...seahawk stuff...whatever.  Just blow some money baby!!

Happy Birthday Frank!
(sorry I couldn't get it to snow for you)

This is Frank and I at Ilwaco this year.  I think this is a great photo of us!

Frank manning his fishing pole while we were on the boat salmon fishing this year.  It's a wee early!

Frank with his brothers...(yes that's beer you see in the's 5pm somewhere right?  Just was before 9am where we were)

Our limit of salmon!  I'm so glad my fish were not ANY bigger than what they were!!! Those suckers are tough to reel in!  I had fun and I know Frank always does!
Love ya babe!


  1. That fishing trip looks like so much fun! And I agree, that's a great picture of the two of you. Happy birthday to your hubby!

  2. Happy Birthday Frank.
    I think you should have to clean your own fish if you catch it.

  3. LOL NOPE! Nikki that's what my $65 was for...gas...captain to get us there, same guy baited the hooks, cleaned/gutted the fish, drove me back to the dock, ran around like a chicken with his head chopped off when a fish was 'on' to catch it with a net... I probably would have made Frank do it if the Cap'n didn't!!