Thursday, August 25, 2011

Blue Leisure Suit

So my friend Nikki gave me this suite about 10 years ago and I have LOVED it ever since.  She also has a Burgundy leisure suit I love.  She gave me the blue one and generously lends me the Burgundy one.  Last night Frank help me set up this impromptu photo shoot for Eli and this suit.  Eli was the only one we didn't have a good picture of in it.  We had pictures back in October (the family ones I try to not talk about or steam starts building up) and they were horrid!!!  Frank had the vision and he went with his gut and did it and took the pictures...THANK YOU FRANK!  This was bothering me so much and he knew my heart!

These pictures are some of my faves.

(Frank says the 80's called and they'd like their hair back...ha!)

That baby boy has a smile that I love!

So cooperative! (course he was bribed with candy but whatever)

The first one and this one are my most faves.  So serious!

Big brother Lee was making him laugh (per my request...just to get a smile from this kid!) This one is a good one too!

Work it baby!

Gotta make the model happy...if the model wants to be silly, then by golly make a silly face to make it happen!
Thank you Frank so much! It meant a lot to me!  I hope you all enjoy these pictures!

I will be MIA for a few days but I'll be back...don't miss me too much!!