Thursday, August 11, 2011

Blue Angels

We went to see the Blue Angels on the 4th. We look forward to this every year and last year we missed it. So we were excited! This year I brought my nieces and nephew along...they'd never seen the Blue Angels before!!! WOW!

So off we went...this video isn't great but it gets the point of smoke!!

Here are most of the kids...waiting.  But the nice thing while waiting was we gott to watch all the other little and not so little airplanes take off before they closed the airport for the Angels.  We saw Lear Jets, prop planes...

Eli was SO excited about the airplanes...he kept asking about the loud planes...when the Angels finally did go his little body was shaking so much from how loud they were and from excitement.  Someone after the show did come up to Frank (someone from work) and asked him about his cute little girl with beautiful hair...LOVE it!! (Frank not so much)

An unexpected pleasure was getting to see three Hairier (sp?) Jets land!! What a treat!

I couldn't believe our luck...we got to see a Boeing 787 take off!  I think Ian was going to crawl out of his skin! He got to go to the 787 Roll-out however many years ago and he remembers it.  If asked I think he'd say that was his favorite airplane...he turned around to me when he saw the airplane and said 'MOM!! I touched that airplane!!'.  Oh he was so excited!!

See!  Told ya he was excited!

We really had so much fun and I'm glad my nieces and nephews could come, so that we could share this memory with them!

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