Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A Momma and Her Boys

This is my friend I do just about everything with.  Love this woman to pieces and so many memories!  Someday we will go on a real vacation with out children...not that these ones have been a blast...bbbuuutttt...

I remember when this boy was born...hard to believe next month he will be 13!  He'll be a teenager...eesshh!

My friend with her baby...he's 7 and that blows my mind! How she allowed that to happen I don't know! I'll have to speak to her about that!
Crescent Bar is always fun and I enjoy the company of a wonderful, God-send of a friend and her children I love them as my  own!  My boys love them and seriously think they are cousins...that's how it suppose to be when you are kid right?

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