Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Greats and A Pinic

On Tuesday we met up with the Greats and went up to Mud Mt. to have a picnic!  Excitement!  The day was iffy but we braved it anyway and I'm glad we did. We sat down for lunch and you would have thought I starved the kids before we came.  I'm glad Great Grandma brought enough hot dogs...the boys ate 2 a piece along with everything else.  Sometimes they are shocking to be around when it comes to food.

We are sitting down to a fine meal, thank you Great Grandma

HA! I looked at the picture above and I'm actually opening a box of Cracker Jacks that was for dessert...HERE we are getting ready for lunch.

Ian letting Great Grandpa take his picture.

This is probably my favorite picture of the day.  A few years ago we met at a park for a picnic and went for a walk with Great Grandpa...on that one I got pictures of each of the boys walking with him.  I now have one with Eli and Great Grandpa.  Makes my throat catch!

My next favorite picture of the day.  Last October the extended family had their pics taken by a gal (suppose to be professional...I will disagree with it). All the important pics I wrote down (so not to forget) were either not good or just weren't there.  Two hours of pic and hundreds and none turned out...oh I can't bring that up...I can feel steam building up and ready to blow.  ANYWAY, this was one of those pictures...I wanted a picture with my kids and their Greats.  So, 10 months later I have it.  Not a *professional* one but one none-the-less.

So here are Grandma Great, Grandpa Great, and my boys.

I LOVE it!!

It really was a good day and I'm glad it all worked out! 

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