Monday, August 1, 2011


Yes this is as big as it looks!  This thing is HUGE!!  I swear the bugs at Crescent Bar were out to get us this year.  I have been going for 3 years and I have NEVER seen this thing (I think it's a Wasp) or mosquitoes in the force they were in while I was there!  INSANE!

My skin has NOT stopped crawling and because I was bit several times I feel like I have bugs all over me and twitch like a dork...or a doofuss (I'm hoping my friend Nikki blogs about that one...long story about a doofus).

So take a gander at that thing if you dare...just really glad it didn't get any of the boys or Nikki and I.  Pretty sure we'd be taking a leisurely drive to the hospital in Quincy. 


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  1. I saw it and ran from it and still want to say DAAAMMMNNN!