Monday, August 22, 2011


Although today was a REALLY bad day and all I wanted to do with my kids was shove them in a closet and run.  I have to keep telling myself over all summer has been day will not ruin everything.  Many punishments were given out...the jury is still out on whether it was worth it or not....the mess I had to clean up after *eye rolling*

Anyway, the above and below pictures start us out on what should have been a fun day.  After 18 months Ian got his appliance...A.K.A.-an expander.  It was too much excitement!  He's a little leery however because next Tuesday he gets braces on...just the top ones though.  So the fun is short lived.  His dad brought home Mike & Ikes for him though.  Ian had a whole list he was going to eat his way through during Christmas.

Here is a side view...I am amazed at the progress his teeth have come...I know he doesn't appreciate this as much as I'd like him to right now, but I'd really like to think someday when he's older he'll appreciate the awesome teeth he's got.  To be honest I am REALLY jealous he is getting his teeth all beautiful...sigh

Is it OK to say beautiful for a boys teeth?  Kinda like you don't say a baby boy is say handsome....hhhmmmm


  1. Auntie thinks its very acceptable for boys to have beautiful teeth!

  2. He is beautiful so it's a good word!