Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Off The Jetty

Still catching up with my Ilwaco pictures and reminiscing.  We really did have so much fun and I loved seeing my husband enjoying himself, his family, his children and wife and just having a vacation.  It's been a long time!

After seeing the benefits of having a hat on that covers your face/ears...my boys have one and it really is helpful.  So my mission (and yes I accepted) was to find a pink one...or just a hat period.  Well I found one...it's blue cameo but it works, and I love it.  I'm pale and burn easy.

The jetty...really a great place to be!

Crashing waves

North Head Lighthouse

We went to the Lighthouse and walked around, so much fun!  Next year we go to Ft. Stevens...excited!


  1. It is!! One of these years when we go we'll have to go...so much fun...and then of course there's Longbeach...