Sunday, August 21, 2011

Mud Mountain Dam

Hello there! Today I will be your Dam tour guide. I'm about to take you on a fully one-sided and fun guide of a functioning Dam, full of rowdy- ready to have fun boys. So PLEASE no one wander off the dam tour and please feel free to stop and look at all my dam pictures that you want. Now if you have any dam questions I'll answer them later.

And no I don't know where you can get any dam bait!!

A Monday or 2 ago I took my nephews and sons on a playdate to the park, it happens to be called Mud Mt. Dam (bonus points if you can give me the name of the movie I got those lines from).  We had so much fun.  I don't know about my nephews but my boys and I it was the first time walking the trail and seeing the dam and the rivers.  It was very cool and we all had fun, even Charlie...who spent most of it unsure...

Here are all the little's a thumbs up and ready to go kind of day!


Here are the rivers the dam  helps...I don't know what ones they are...I remember Carbonado, Puyallup, and Sumner/Orting...I don't remember.  But there was some bad flooding years ago and they finally got fed up with it and decided to do something about it.

Another look

The first 'bench' (no seats but a back??) we came to, they let me take their picture!   The trail was fun and steep!

I just thought this was a cool view...a fallen log looking up to the trees.  The boys kept asking me what I saw or was doing.

We made it to the Dam!  The guys thought this was did I!

Posing for the dam picture for the dam tour guide
(I'm sorry I really just can't help myself!!!)

Strange white flowers growing by a fallen log...strange but cool.

Of course what hike/trail is complete with out seeing some sort of crazy/nasty bug?
Dam bugs!!!

Well I hope you enjoyed the dam tour and now I can answer your dam questions!


  1. I don't know for sure but National Lampoon Vacation? What a beautiful place! It looks like a great day.

  2. The final picture of the dam, with the road weaving down to the water; very cool picture.

  3. You covered the whole dam thing! ;-)

  4. @ Nikki...very close on the movie...National Lampoon's Vegas Vacation

    @ John it was pretty cool, the boys really liked it!

    @ Auntie...thanks for jumping on the band wagon :)

    And any day where the kids behave and are good and enjoyable is a great day!