Wednesday, August 10, 2011


This is just a quick note right now, I will post more later.

Sunday morning my brother and sister in law had a house fire.  Please pray for them to have strength to walk this road, for calmness when things get frustrating and when it seems like it would be easier to walk away, for wisdom/clear-headedness for all the paperwork that is in their future and all the people they will deal with this down the way. Pray for their 2 children who are 5 and 7 respectively and them dealing with no home as of right now and no possessions and processing all that and what this means for their family.  Prayers for mom and dad to explain and deal with it so the kids will understand.

We are all thankful that no one was home and no animals we injured in this fire, what a blessing that is (gives me goosebumps when I think about what could have been).  There have been a few things like pictures and such that are salvageable and others where they are going to try and save.  There might be some clothes that can be saved, but after that it's dismal.  After talking to my sister in law today it sounds like the rest of the house will have to be gutted and they will have to start over again, and that means they can't be in their house at least 8-9 months.  I just can't imagine!  I happened to see inside today when I stopped by to see if she needed anything from the store and I just couldn't believe how black everything was.  I've seen stuff like this before, when a cousin-in law had a fire from their dryer.  I don't think no matter how many times you see stuff like that, that it ever gets to where you aren't shocked by the damage and destruction by a fire. 

Just black...the smell just from the front porch...

If she is reading this...I love you, we are here for you, just make the call. know where we are at!

Thank you ahead of time for your prayers, they are appreciated!


  1. I am so sorry this has happened. In the dark of it all just remember it's just things. It will be different, but it's just things.