Monday, August 15, 2011

Charlie At the Ocean

This trip to Ilwaco was Charlie's second trip out this summer.  Not a lot of outings this summer for Charlie, which makes me sad but this year it was just that way.  I know he has fun while we are smells and animals to bark at! 
We are at the Jetty here and we have been a having a blast at the water!

Meet Sadie...this is my Mother and Father-in law's dog...she's very old and been with them for 13 years.  She's a funny old woman

When Charlie isn't being annoying and a pain in the butt (cause you know we NEVER pet him or love on him...ever!) he really is a handsome dog!

Sadie and Charlie together.  This one cracks me up, the look on their faces are hilarious! (what you don't see is that myself and my mother in law are sitting a few feet away from them, they were NOT impressed)

  Is it me or do they look slightly related?

I finally felt bad and brought Charlie to sit with me... he just wanted a friend!
Gotta love our pets!


  1. I really like Charlie! They look like rival cousins in the picture of the two of them. Ignoring each other, even though all they really want to do is play together.