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Monday Night Football

Seahawks did good tonight!  Here are some fans from this morning :)

On another note, I discovered this afternoon a new way to kill myself.  For whatever reason (well that's not true, I do know why however I'm not ready to reveal why...I'm still working myself up to saying it out loud to other people than the 2 trusted souls who I've told) I decided I would go run laps in my backyard.  Never mind that it was cold, the ground was still covered in frost AND that my backyard is full of holes for a klutz to hurt herself with. Or that it was so slick out there it's a wonder I didn't slip and fall and sprain the tendon on my knee (that's another story from long ago).  I'm the one who can find potholes and twist/roll my ankle to depths that would make me cry! (seriously...of 4 tendons in my ankle I've torn 3 of them...'special') I didn't find one of those today, what I did find was that I found a new way to smother myself.  I managed 8 laps around my backyard before I decided I couldn't breathe!  It was so cold out and my chest hurt...I'm sure there's an art form to this running that I'm unaware of.  Bet is has something to do with breathing in through your nose and possibly out...

My chest is still recovering from today...although I only made 8 laps of running I did walk the rest of the way for 35 maybe I'll make 9 laps tomorrow and walk the rest...everything crossed here!


  1. yay!!!! didnt get to go running this week. boo. Paul is so busy from dec to mar that I am lucky to ever get out. Dont worry though, I will contact u! Someday you will be running down Semanski to the foothills trail and then back! :) I think the chest thing was probably the cold. Put your hands on top of your head to help open up your lungs :)

  2. Yeay Seahawk boys. Your boys are always darling and the team did awesome too.


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