Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve and all was quiet, not even a creature was stirring...

OK that is a lie...Frank and I were up but we are allowed to be! HA!  We watched our movie Christmas Vacation and waited for the boys to go to bed, OK fall asleep.  We waited...and waited......and waited...and then waited some more. Checked and then waited some was a game of waiting this year!

Here is our tree and Santa hasn't come yet...

Could it be? Nah! I didn't think the kids would have made the nice list...Seriously?  OK, well Santa knows best right?

Charlie even made the list!  Whew!  He needed a new dog toy and a bed!  Good job Charlie!

Santa left this for Eli...very cool!

Dru really wanted Santa to bring him a remote controlled Lightening McQueen...Dru must have been really good.

Ian was left Cabela's Big Game Hunter 2012 this year

Among other things that Lee asked for, he also asked for a bike and got a really cool one!  Black and green with a new helmet!  Way to go Lee!

The cookies (4) and a glass of Egg Nog and Chocolate milk...Santa had some help with the cookies but he was on his own with the dairy beverages.

PROOF!! Santa really came AND the reindeer food was GONE!

Awww the magic...sigh until the drama of it all next year!

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