Saturday, December 17, 2011

Santa Came to Town!

Every year we have a Paulson Christmas Party and every year Santa makes an appearance.  This year would be no different.  So as we all were finishing dinner guess who walked in!! 
If you guessed Santa...well you would be correct!  Oh the kids were atwitter with excitment (I think some of the parents were too...ok maybe just me)

Lee sat on Santa's lap AND I didn't ask him to or beg...he did it all by himself and he even gave a smile!  Who IS this kid???  Christmas miracles DO happen!
 Eli sat with Santa too!!  I couldn't believe it...he just got right up there when his name was called...again whose kids are these???  Darn it he's cute!

Ian...I think this year he's looking for answers and he's unsure of what he thinks of this Santa business.  With that being said...he certainly didn't waste ANY time getting to Santa's lap OR telling Santa what he would like for Christmas...please! HA! This kid...he's making my life rough right now!  Grrr!

Dru and Santa...He couldn't be any cuter!  Dru that is ;)  HAHAHA!

Santa asked the kids to sing 'Rudolf The Red-Nosed Reindeer' with him...and sing they did!

I love this picture...the Greats sat on Santa's lap tonight!  You are NEVER too old for Santa...THERE is magic in Christmas!

I had a good time tonight and enjoyed visiting as much as I could...hard to really visit with children everywhere...time for that I suppose?  Anyway...Merry Christmas!

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