Saturday, December 17, 2011


The preschool my boys attend do a Christmas play every year, which I love.  What's not to love about little kids doing a play??  Anyway, Dru had his play on Thursday and it was wonderful!  He played the sheep and doesn't he look handsome!?!
He sang so well!  The play is based off an old hymn called "The Friendly Beasts"...which I LOVE!  I had never heard of it before until a friend and teacher at the preschool wrote a play around the song.  Wonderful!!

Tomorrow all my boys are in the play through church (same play by the same friend/teacher), anyway on Friday they had practice.  It went well.  Now in this play Dru still plays the sheep and he has a solo and I have been encouraging and begging him to sing his solo and he promised he would on that day. 
Let me just say, that yes I'm his mother and I'm biased, but that boy sang his heart out and it was beautiful! It made me baby sang for me! :)

So tomorrow Ian is a Narrator and Lee is a Shepard and Dru is playing a sheep with a solo...I hope he sings and doesn't freak out, which means I'm going to try and be as up front as I can!  Since I have to be there so early it shouldn't be a problem.  I'm also kinda excited because I'm in the Bell Choir so I'll be with Ian playing bells while the children walk in for the play.  Ian is unsure about me being there as am I...I am NOT musically inclined...and I can butcher it pretty well!

Good luck to me tomorrow! OH and my boys ! h


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