Saturday, December 10, 2011

Next American Idol

That's my handsome boy right there!  He could be the NEXT American Idol....

Dru's preschool class went to one of the elderly homes (across the street from them) and sang some Christmas Carols to them.  They have been doing this for as long as I can remember, well since Ian at least.  I think here there were singing 'Christmas Star'...loving that blue glitter!
The elderly really love watching/hearing the kids sing (although they may  have to turn the hearing aides but the look on their faces is wonderful.  The kids always crack me up, they start off singing all Gun-ho and the last verse they have the deer in the headlights look and are singing barely over a whisper. 

Here my nephew and Dru are singing 'Away In A Manger'...with motions...I can't remember what part this is at, even though I've sang the first verse at least 2 times through! 

Yeah they look all angelic and all but don't be fooled!  Those two are plotting...what I have yet to figure out.

Here they 'Wish You A Merry Christmas'
The other fun part is watching them hand out small Candy canes to the people there...I was impressed...they didn't do to bad!  And who doesn't like Candy canes?

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