Sunday, December 18, 2011

Nativity Scene

Today was a big day in our house! We had the Sunday School Christmas pageant and 3 of my boys were in the play and I was so excited for it!  Ian was a Narrator, Lee was a Shepard and Dru was a sheep.

Here is Ian with the other Narrator.  Ian did a great job reading in front of everyone, I was so proud of him.  When I was his age all I could do was blush an incredible red and look around with the 'deer in the headlight look' hasn't been until this year that I've worked on speaking in front of's only slightly easier as an adult.  Ian is amazing!

Lee was a great Shepard...he stood and sang well!  Way to go Lee! Each year he gets better!

A little silliness is always in order from Lee!

The group of kids in the play.  These guys worked so hard to learn the songs and lines, their work paid off in a big way and I hope they are all very proud of themselves. 
The play was wonderful and written so good, it came from the hymn called 'The Friendly Beasts'.  I had never heard of this song before until could I have not ever heard of it?? It's so wonderful!

Here is the cherry on the top!  Dru sang his solo and it was just as wonderful and magical as the first time!  Enjoy his singing!!

These words are what Dru sang at his solo:

“I,” said the sheep with curly horn,

“I gave Him my wool for His blanket warm,

He wore my coat on Christmas morn;

I,” said the sheep with curly horn


  1. LOVE it! They all did such a good job.

  2. I'm dying from the cuteness! So sweet!