Friday, December 9, 2011

Putting an APB on the ToothFairy!

Have you seen this person?  She's wanted  in an ongoing (and I do mean ongoing) investigation.  Please let me know, I really need to talk to her! Thanks

Here's why I need to see her...Lee lost yet another tooth!  This is getting to be a little silly.  You see he's lost 4 teeth (I least 3 anyway) just this year!  That's $1 a tooth!  I want my money back!!
Every time I think we have a lull between these things we don't.  I was just thinking that between Lee and Dru there should be quite some time before Dru starts losing his teeth.  Don't worry, that thought didn't last long...right about the time I pulled his tooth out of his mouth was when it dawned on me.  I'm in it for a good while....sigh...
I seriously think we (royal again) should keep track of all the money that goes to the Tooth Fairy...too bad I can't remember all of Ian's (who has still more to lose) and Lee's (he's got more too!).  Maybe I'll just start with Dru and then times that by 3. 

Whose placing bets he wakes up at 6:30 AM to tell me the Tooth Fairy came and can he please spend his $1 on SOMETHING!?!

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