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So this is one of my first posts I wrote when I started blogging.  I started on Shutterfly and I really like this one and has me rolling everytime.  And if you know me at know this is ALL true.  This was originally posted in February 2009.

Enjoy and have a good laugh!

Good evening all!!!

I want to share with you something flippen hysterical...but before I get to what happened today I need to give you all some background information. There are two things I know: First...working out is detrimental to MY health, Second...I'm a HUGE clutz. With that knowledge in hand here is the background you need to fully appreicate today.

Last year I signed up to join Curves, the place women go to work out. So I had been going for a number of months and was doing fantastic. Seeing results and enjoying it. Enjoying the fact that just women could go and that I didn't look like a total freak doing it. Enjoying this so much I got cocky one night and on that fateful night something happened. I decided I was going to step up my work out a notch, so I decided I would jog in place on the recovery mats there instead of marching in place. Now reading all that you are thinking, I'm sure ,what's the big deal? I'll tell you in a minute. But first I have to describe to you what a recovery mat looks like for you to fully understand. So this mat is flat on top with a gray rubber part on top that is smaller than the full sqare of the mat (if that doesn't make sense to you, just read it anyway and nod your head like you know what I'm talking about). So this gray rubber mat on the big square sticks out no bigger than your pinkie fingenail from being flush with the whole mat it'self (again if you don't understand just read). So as I'm jogging in place I manage to ROLL my ankle on the little bit of gray rubber that's on the recovery mat! Yes folks you read that right. I rolled my ankle so hard that the whole place heard a loud and omnious pop . And let me tell you it hurt!!! But after awhile the pain subsided so I figured it was like any other time I roll my ankles (It happens to me more than you think it would). So I get home and I take my shoe off and about an hour later my ankle starts hurting again. So I go to the doctor and he informs me I have torn 2 tendons in my ankle...Talent people! There are only 3 tendon's in your ankle and I tore two of them jogging in place and rolling it on a mat. Aren't you glad you know me? So now I'm destine to wear an ankle braces for my safety every time I work out. SO SPECIAL! But then again if you knew me, you'd already knew that.

Which brings me to today. I signed up at a gym with my birthday money. This place has everything I want and the price was right that even Frank could join. Which he did. After today I'm not sure he's going to want to be associated with me, but that's his problem not mine . So I signed up on the 31st and went for my first work out today. I was so excited! I had my Ipod shuffle full of great work out songs (some Old School Hip/Hop, 80's Dance mix, and some Power Rock ballads, yes you are reading this right). So I get there and I find a treadmill that isn't being used and isn't right next to anyone...thank goodness. Didn't want to look like a complete newbie and dork right off the bat. So I get on the mill, get my Ipod just so, and start to fiddle with the treadmill (I have never used one so technical).

So I get going and I'm walking at a good pace, I even got some incline going. Then all of the sudden out of no where the treadmill starts going really really fast and I panic and push the stop button. Apparently I was walking up a 'hill' and was coming down it, faster than I could walk! Here I was afraid of looking like a dork...sigh...the story gets better folks...keep reading.

So since I've stopped the treadmill I have to set it all up again minues the 'hill' part. We'll do that again when we aren't so new to the whole thing. So I've set it up again and I'm walking at a good pace and I'm bebopping to my music. Then all of the sudden out of no where there is this ear piercing shrieking, like something is stuck in a belt---foreshadowing here people!!! And I turn around and look to see what/where this noise is coming from. Low and behold it's me...WHO KNEW!?! I figure out (while the shrieking is still going on) that it was me...apparently my towel had fallen and gotten stuck. So at this point my belt on the treadmill has finally stopped because of the towel. As I turn around my belt finally becomes unstuck (picture it people) and the belt starts going again. At this very moment my feet fly out from underneath me and my big butt falls flat on the treadmill. The treadmill is still going at this point and so it rolls me and my big butt right on to the floor! (Are you picturing this folks?) So I get up, grab the towel in question. This isn't one of those incidents where I can just look around and HOPE that no one saw this...that's not my kind of luck. What I did do was hold my towel up (all the while I'm still listening to my Ipod) and went huh!?! And got right back on the treadmill and finished my 30minute work out.

Thankfully I have a sense of humor! And really if you can't laugh at yourself who/what can you laugh at? Right!?! This I ask you. So, for those of you wanting to know...I'm fine, my butts fine, and I'm still laughing at this...cause Gracefull I am NOT!

So I toast the treadmill! You got me'll probably get me again! Or some other machine will no doubt!

Take care I hope you all had a good laugh over this cause I certainly have! Have a good night!


  1. Have I mentioned that I am so greatful you are my friend and you always manage to make me laugh!...and feel better :o)

  2. oh Anita I needed to laugh so bad this morning! I love you. This is why I refuse to go to any of those places.


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