Sunday, January 22, 2012

8 Years

Last Thursday was Lee's 8th birthday.  Like a lot of other people we lost power and I was unable to post this.  This kid is by far the one that tests me the most...everyday.  8 years ago we had a storm just like this one before I had Lee.  I remember it well because Frank and I were concerned we'd actually have to drive in this weather across town to the hospital.  Thankfully he came afterwards but not much.  This kid came in with a bang and celebrated his 8th birthday in the same manner!  This year is certainly a year he will not soon forget!  Who else gets a week off for their birthday on account of snow and ice? Not many!

Lee Emerson Paulson
 9lbs 9oz
14 1/2 head
15 inches chest
Nothing easy about this kid from day 1!

Camping baby 2004

First Halloween.  Eeyore and this fit him better than anything. He is still like this but not as bad as he was as a baby.  When he got his first set of tubes for his ears in at 18 months his personality changed a bit for the better. 

October 2004
Burgundy Suit-love this suit! Thank you Nikki for letting all my boys wear this, has meant so much to me! That rocking chair that Eli is sitting in was Frank's when he was a kid...LOVE heirlooms!

Lee and Frank during swim lessons.  I just love this picture, they are having a moment...a Father and son moment. Melts my heart


2005 His first haircut in our blue leisure suit-again thank you Nikki :)



Birthday boys...50 years apart
Preschool 2008



Doesn't he look handsome!?!

Dungeness Spit 2011
He was into fishing last year and this year he's finally old enough to get on the charter boat for salmon fishing in Ilwaco.

My baby is 8 now and it went by fast.  This year Frank and I were able to really do something for his birthday.  We took him and the rest of the family to see a hockey game.  We saw the Seattle Thunderbirds vs Camloops Blazers.  Sadly the Thunderbirds didn't win but man we were in the second row from the glass and it was action packed the whole time!  Lee impressed me by sitting and really followed the whole game it seemed.
Happy birthday Lee-Lee!!

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  1. Happy Birthday Lee. I hope you have a great day!