Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Sledding Trip

Today I decided I would take the boys out on a walk around the neighborhood, while also getting a work out in as I drug the sled behind me.  Genius I tell you!  Here the boys are with Charlie right before we started.  It was cold, windy and snowing like heck.  I didn't think we'd actually last long with that wind.  But at the very least we could get to a girlfriend's house and drop off some Carmel corn and a loaf of Applesauce bread (which is delish by the way!).

On our way out I told the boys we'd measure how much snow we got...4 inches...not bad! They got a snow day out of it (with a sneaking suspicion that there are no built in snow days in the calendar for 2011-2012...it would stink to be us!)

That's the 70lbs (maybe more...and I'm guessing at weight here) that I pulled for approximately 2 miles.  they had fun it looks like.  One way we walked against the wind which is why they look the way they do.  By the way what is the deal with constantly eating snow?  I dont' get it, then they have to pee all the time!

We were taking a rest because of Lee...it really was a sense of Deja Vu of Disneyland all over again with that kid.  Not sure what he thought I was going to do a mile from home...certainly wasn't going to drag his butt on the sled all the way home!!  I know that's what he was thinking!

They really didn't do to bad on the walk and Charlie was really a good boy!  A good walker...which I love!  Kids went to bed tonight wondering if they had school tomorrow...poor kids!

Have fun making the snow angels friends!

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