Saturday, January 7, 2012

Silly String and Santa

This year Santa thought it would be a 'fun' idea to put silly string in the stockings.

Mrs. Claus however, said no..bad idea.  Such a mess, it's nasty, smells funny, and ruins clothes...

Don't let the small cuteness fool you for ONE second!!

Santa will be receiving a letter letting him know that under no uncertain terms will there be silly string allowed in THIS house.  The mother of that house is STILL cleaning up the mess...all over the wall, front door (which you may think you got it until you see something that looks like snot on your door...wondering just how the hell it got that high, then you realize it was the silly string...gone bad!), the floor, the door jam...
Yeah no more, silly string in that house...Santa may come to town but he better watch out!

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