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Grocery Shopping

Lee in 2005...or there abouts.

So today I took Lee grocery shopping with me, mainly so that he could pick out his cake for his party.  So we got there and I handed Lee my list (he's my list holder) and a pen to mark off what we got.  So off we go to the Bakery section to look at cakes, as we are walking there Lee reads the list and stops mid-stride.  He looks up and me and says "Mom...girl stuff?? Really? Girl stuff is on the list?" He was so disgusted with me.  We continued on our way and got our stuff.  We were good up until we went down that aisle.  So we go down the aisle and I get him set up a ways down from where I need to be.  But the whole time I'm trying to find and decide what I want (it takes me awhile, why I don't know) I'm hearing "are you done yet mom? Let's go mom!! Commmmeee OOOOnnnn Mom!!!"  He could not get me out of aisle fast enough!  It was hysterical...well I thought!  The funnier part was when I told him he could mark it off the list, he all but scratched it out.  All the other things on the list had one line through it, the 'girl stuff' was blacked out.  Too funny!  I did however think this was a bit young to be acting all weird about girls stuff, considering he hasn't the foggiest what that entails.  As we were leaving the GIRL aisle he asked me why I didn't have 'boy stuff' written on my list, truly offended I didn't have it on there.  I told him cause boys don't need 'stuff' like girls do.  He just grunted at yeah right lady.


  1. You should just give him a thorough explanation of why you need girl stuff and what it is. That'll shut him up. ;)


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