Tuesday, January 31, 2012


So I had a rendezvous with some girlfriends for some birthday drinks and some good times at The Rendezvous in town...a wine and dining place.  Let me tell you I was so excited to go out it was like getting ready to go out with one of my best girls Tami from college!  Really the only thing missing was body glitter!!  Which I still have...hahahahha! I'm not nostalgic or anything!

I tried some wine I hadn't tried before and it was yummy, we had some cheese fondue and we had so much chocolate we were swimming in it!  We ordered 3 chocolate fondues and a chocolate mousse....we, there were 5 of us, and we made a pretty good dent in it, it was impressive!  Good job ladies!!!

We all have plans to go back again in March...Girls Night! 

**just so we are clear I am having a hard time just enjoying my picture with out dissecting how I look**
Nasty self talk sometimes


  1. I miss you. I am sorry we didn't stay close like we used to. Happy belated birthday and know that even though we dont talk very often I think of you all the time. *hugs*

  2. I think of you too missy! Quit beating yourself up and we'll enjoy what we have now :)!

  3. You look wunnerful :)