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Okay so during the storm we (and by we I mean the town of Enumclaw) lost a lot of trees.  Across the street from where I live they had so many trees in the apartment complex go down.  It really is amazing that there was no car damage or structural damage in a lot of places.  God was really looking out for people!

Well all over town lots of people are dealing with debris and hiring landscapers and such to take care of trees and branches. 
Which brings me to this gentleman...this whole thing made me nervous!  High up, chain saw, old man (not knocking the old me but lets face it the older we get the less steady we get), did I mention the chainsaw?  OH and a ladder...things I don't consider a good combo.  I pretty much sat and watched through the window with my heart beating fast praying for this guy.  To make it down the ladder in one piece and no chainsaw incident. 

He adjusted his position several times to get the 'just right' spot.  Can I say the chainsaw was up there with him too??? Notice it in his hands???  
As of now, he's safe and down the tree...thank goodness because honestly I didn't want to have to put my emergency plan into action! 


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So on March 20Th at 3:42 AM, my baby turned 8 this year!!! I just can not believe this! Where has the time gone? Absolutely blows my mind!

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 Birthday boy, Mighty and Mom...a good picture I think
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Happy birthday Sparky!


At our house we have a tradition...birthday spankings!  You don't know when or where but you know that Dad has been warming his hands up for this very moment. And then it comes...catches you by surprise... Surprise!! I love this look...he really wasn't expecting it...he thought  his dad forgot...silly Dru! Dad has a hold on him so we all can take our turn giving him 7 ...gentle spankings (as gentle as little boys can be) and a pinch to grow and inch (just mom and dad though! Can you imagine if the brothers did! Oi!

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