Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Birthday Dump

My guys at the hockey game.  We found our seats, tried them out and then of course promptly got up to get Lee souvenirs and everyone a treat.  We are a one tracked mind family here people...FOOD then fun! 

Go Seattle Thunderbirds!!  However they lost but it sure was fun being there!

The Zamboni...who doesn't love those!  Especially when they are cute like that!

A Camloop Blazer getting smooshed up against the glass...always fun to see that or when they get into a fight close by.  My boys were cracking me up though, a fight would start and they would be screaming FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT!  Even Eli...apparently they don't get out much.

The token cute picture...poor guy lost all his M&M's to the floor...but he had his soda so all was not lost!

Lee's birthday cake.  We had to go to QFC to find it and generally I'm not a fan of their cakes and not much has changed, but they had a way better cake than Safeway did.  The weird part about this cake was the frosting, tasted like marshmallows...SO not my thing!  Would have preferred butter cream frosting, THAT would have tasted better! Oh well not my cake and Lee was happy with it.

He wanted this book SO bad!  He even wrote to Santa about this book, it was his number 1 item on his list.  It took a lot for Frank and I to talk him out of being upset if he didn't get this for Christmas, reminding him that he had a birthday less than a month after Christmas.  His Grandma and Grandpa had this book for him since before Christmas...we knew he was getting it.  He was so happy and I loved seeing him sit down and read it shortly after everyone left from the party.  I have never read the book...I might have too after he's done!

Lee's birthday dinner.  We finally talked him out of having yet another birthday dinner of spaghetti...ugh! So he managed to decide on ribs (although he says his Uncle Cheeson's ribs are way better than mine-I'll never win!), Homemade mac and cheese, strawberries, salad, and garlic bread (even if I did forget to warm it up and put it on the table).  The only thing missing was collard greens!  HAHAHA!
I just can't believe he's 8 now...I know I'll be saying that when he's 18 too, but it's still weird.  Love you Lee, hope you had a birthday to remember!!

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